The white board in the kitchen tells you the opposite of what you should do. The words written on the whiteboard change as each hour goes. The whiteboard can be located in the kitchen.

White board


The first message the whiteboard will display is "Let's play at midnight!" Shortly after, there will be a screen showing a clock with the hour and minute hands pointing to midnight. Every hour after, if you check the kitchen, the white board will have a new message along with a smiley face. The messages appear as follows: Before midnight: "LET'S PLAY AT MIDNIGHT", accompanied by a smiley face. Midnight: "DON'T LOOK AT HER", accompanied by a winking smiley face. 1 am: "DON'T STAY STILL!", with the same winking face. 2 am: "DONT RUN FROM CHESTER" with 'Chester' underlined, a stick figure running, and a winking smiley face. 3 am: "ISN'T THIS SO FUN?", accompanied by an eyebrowless smiley face.

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