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Weasl is one of the many antagonists that appear in Emily Wants To Play Too.


Weasl reportpng

The incident report

During the game, it is possible to find files detailing the disappearance of a young boy named Brax Milton. A small box was found on his bed, resembling a Jack-in-the-Box toy. Weasl was found inside the box, and is described as 'a small jester doll'. Both the box and Weasl were moved to storage. Brax's fingerprints were found on Weasl's box, and it is implied Weasl's victims are trapped inside his box. 


If the player hears a music box, it means Weasl is nearby. The player must find the music box and unwind it. If they don't, Weasl will pop out of the box, run to the player, and jumpescare them if player is not getting rid of him. The music box is always near where the player is when Weasl attacks. In the Teaser Demo, Weasl will run and attack the player if the player stays in the house for too long or turn on and off the power to the apartment. 


Weasl's character model bears a slight resemblance to Mr. Tatters in terms of his facial makeup. He is the tallest character in the game and bears a slight resemblance to Maxwelle Steele in terms of character modeling. He has a small amount of green hair and has green makeup on his cheeks and lips. His clothes resemble a checkerboard pattern, with the colors being black and white.


  • Weasl's music box is based on a song called ''Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star''.
  • Weasl can be found in the Level 3 area of the building and in the player's house (if they took too long to leave).
  • When Weasl is running, carillon noises can be heard. Those same noises are synchronized with his footsteps.
    • There's no clue as to how those sounds are emitted.
  • While the in-game police files describe Weasl as a 'small jester doll', he is the tallest character in the game. There's a possibility that when Weasl is not chasing the player or anybody else, his size is not that big.
  • If the player manages to locate his music box before he chases the player down, he can be seen jumping out of his music box and immediately growing in size.
  • The figure that stands in front of Emily at the end of the game may be Weasl. The figure is barefoot, like Weasl, and has the same idle animation as Weasl, and you can see the mouth is the same shape as Weasl.
  • The Latin Inscription on the Music Box's lid reads: "Terror captionem. Potens est magicae. Timor animi necesse. Est ut furati simus. Consumptura est spiritus. Spiritus captionem" which literally translates to "Dread trap. Magic is powerful. The fear of it. We have stolen. Consume the spirit. Spirit trap."