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The Pizza Delivery Man is the unnamed main protagonist of Emily Wants To Play, controlled by the player.


Very little is known about the player character, other than the fact that he is male, appears to be relatively young (he sound as though he's in his late teens or twenties) and works as a delivery man for Checkers Pizza.


The pizza delivery man brings a pizza to the house late at night, only to discover it is apparently empty. He finds himself locked in and upon investigating, finds a number of disturbing notes and recordings. As time goes by, he finds himself stalked by three apparently 'living' dolls, Chester, Kiki, Mr. Tatters, and a ghostly little girl. He must find a way to evade them until dawn arrives and he can escape. After the player has made it past 6:00 AM, a news reporter will report that the pizza delivery man is currently in psychiatric evaluation as police investigate the house.


  • The Pizza Delivery Man's name or appearance was never reveled.

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