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Mr. Tatters is one of the antagonists in Emily Wants To Play.


Mr. Tatters is a clown doll that wears a tricolor suit with a blue top hat, completed with white gloves and steriotypical clown shoes. His face is very detailed, having yellowish - green teeth, thick black eye shadow, red cheeks and red lipstick.

While most of it is covered by his hat, Mr. Tatters has purple hair.


Tatters Back

Mr. Tatters' back faces the player when he spawns.

Mr. Tatters first becomes active at 1 AM and he plays Red Light Green Light with the player.

When Mr. Tatters appears, he will emit dark, demonic laughter and appear in front of the player with his back facing them, followed by a "HELLO?" sound when he looks at the player, then proceeding to reach out his hands. How Mr. Tatters attacks you is via a game of red light, green light. Howit works is that if he emits a second sound, the player must stop moving until Tatters emits a sigh and leaves, but if the player does move while it is "Red light" after the second sound, he will say "I can see you", and then will attack the player, sending them back to the start of the hour.

He will stay active with Chester until 4 AM, when Emily herself comes out to play. When this hour is over, he and all other antagonists will come after the player.

He is also known to turn off the lights occasionally but not as often as Kiki.


  • Mr. Tatters's attack represents the childhood game Red Light, Green Light.
  • Although he will kill the player if he/she moves the mouse, the interaction button can still be used with no consequences.
  • Inspirations for Mr. Tatters might be a mixture of "Pennywise" from IT and the "Clown Doll" from Poltergeist.
  • Mr. Tatters's laugh will smoothly transition between both sides of your speakers
  • Chester and Mr. Tatters spawn frequently at the same time. If you are fast enough, you can leave the room before Mr. Tatters's "Red light" phase to get away from Chester.

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