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Kiki is one of the antagonists in Emily Wants To Play & Emily Wants To Play Too.


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An article about Kiki

Before the game, Kiki was a porcelain doll belonging to a puppet master named Vult Ludere who used dolls to entertain children during his shows. She was a part of a group of four dolls, Mr. Tatters being one of them. According to the local journal, people started to disappear after Ludere's shows, stating that 12 people already went missing. It is unknown what happened to Ludere. While Mr. Tatters destroyed a circus, he found Chester who later became in possession of Ludere. Kiki became the doll of the mayor's daughter and started to spread a disease known as Cholera.

The mayor's daughter eventually died from it, and Kiki came into ownership of another girl named Emily. She also welcomed Chester and Mr. Tatters and the girl loved the three of them instantly calling them "Her friends". After the doll's arrival, Emily's behavior started to change, her parents fearing her. It is possible that Kiki and her doll friends let Emily know about the puppet master. Because she wanted to be with her friends and play forever, he turned her into the malevolent ghost seen in the games. After Emily's death, her parents tried to run away, but Emily and the dolls killed them before they could.

Emily Wants To Play

Kiki starts moving at 12 AM. She is the first to be active out of all the dolls. Her game appears to be peek-a-boo. When Kiki appears, the player must locate her, then stare at her until she disappears. Do not look away from her for too long, or else she will come closer. She then eventually tags you, ending the game. In some cases, the player can monitor Kiki as they leave the room, but there's always a chance that she will follow you and have a great chance of tagging you, resulting in a game over.

Kiki has different stances each time the player encounters her: one where she has her arms outstretched and the other of her covering her face with her hands. Sometimes when appearing, Kiki may cut off the lights in the room similar to Mr. Tatters, but she will do it much more often. She will also giggle when appearing behind the player. Kiki is inactive for 11 PM, 2 AM, and 4 AM.

Emily Wants To Play Too

Kiki can first be seen in the dream. Her behavior is identical to the first game with some key difference: her laugh has been updated, and she makes a puff of smoke when she vanishes. Kiki is active once the player reaches the warehouse in level area 2.


Kiki is a porcelain doll with very light gray skin and black hair that appears to be a bob cut. She wears a long, black dress with a V-neck. She appears to have a hollow mouth with black lips and sports black ballet shoes.


  • Kiki's attack represents the childhood game Peek-A-Boo.
  • Kiki's voice has been updated only once.
  • Kiki may be inspired by Doctor Who's "Weeping Angels".
  • Kiki may also be inspired by SCP-173 from SCP Containment Breach.
  • Many players have confused Kiki for Emily.
  • Kiki is the doll with the most known owners: Vult Ludere, the mayor's daughter, and Emily.
  • Kiki used to be the only female doll before the arrival of Greta.