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Emily too

Emily Wants To Play Too is the upcoming sequel to Emily Wants to Play and the second title in the franchise. News was out from the game's creator, Shawn Hitchcock saying that he is working on a sequel title which will also support VR Capabilities (like its predecessor). Shawn Hitchcock published a teaser trailer for the game on Oct 28, 2016. The game is given a release date of 2017.




The game takes place in several different locations, one looking like a house, another looking like an office building or perhaps a police station investigation office. Where Chester, Mr. Tatters and Kiki are confiscated for investigation.

Known facts


The dolls on the table & two new characters...

According to the gameplay teaser, all three dolls are sitting on a table, as well as two of the new characters in the background. The camera zooms in to Mr. Tatters and Chester as they smile. Then a first person view of another new character that runs towards the player is seen.

Emily has been confirmed to return to the sequel.

Chester can now follow players into other rooms.


  • The character in the black and white checkered suit, resembles Mr. Tatters.
  • The subtitle of the game "Too" is a play on number "Two" since both words are pronounced similarly and this is the sequel to the first game.


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