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Emily Withers is the main antagonist of Emily Wants To Play & Emily Wants To Play Too.


School accident

The school accident report

Emily’s mother, Maggie was advised by her psychiatrist to record her own tape recordings, to cope with her depression. Maggie discusses the change in her daughter’s behavior after they moved to 905 Sister Street. The tapes state Emily had been kicked out of school for the third time for hurting another child, and she will be kept at home from that point forward. Shortly after that incident, her parents found her speaking to strange dolls but saw it as the first positive sign of normal behavior. Her parents had also gotten her a puppy, but the tapes imply that Emily killed it because she didn't like it.

Emily soon began behaving very strangely, like staring at her parents in their bedroom. Eventually, they felt they had to move Emily into the basement. The parents discovered a hole in Emily's old room, which they know she created though they do not know why. Continuing, Emily's mother went to the basement to give Emily some food but found she wasn't breathing.

Emily was pronounced dead by her parents, as they refused to call the police or tell anybody because they couldn't explain her death. The parents later found the dolls throughout the house in random locations. She knew that they had to leave their house but they were too late, discovering that the dolls were alive. They were possibly killed by either the dolls or Emily herself.

Emily Wants To Play

Emily can be seen throughout the game, (at the beginning, through the window into the master bedroom, crawling on the floor to the basement, and in the basement itself) but does not become an active character until 4 AM .

From the hours of 11 pm - 3 am, players cannot enter the hole in the floor until they find the secret entrance to the basement. Should players go through the floor first, Emily will instantly jumpscare them.

At 4 AM Emily will finally become a threat to the player outside the basement, as she will come out and play a game of Hide & Seek. The player must find her before the time (75 seconds after 4 AM, 90 seconds after 5 AM ) runs out. If the time runs out, or if the player switches on a light, Emily will track down and kill the player. This is unavoidable but the flashlight can be used during her 'Hide And Seek' Game with no consequences. At 6 AM, the player must leave the house immediately, as Emily will attempt to jumpscare or capture the player if they do not make it out in time.


  • When the player finds Emily at the very last second of the 'Hide and seek' portion, Emily will become hostile, though seemingly disappearing before killing the player. Though later the player will be killed by what seemingly is Emily's jumpscare, but without any visible animation.
  • At times, Emily may block Chester from reaching the player.

Emily Wants To Play Too

Emily is first seen in the dream waiting for the front door to open. She is an inactive character until players reach area 4 of Central Evidence at 10:30 PM. She will charge out of the vent, the players must run away from her until they reach the next hour.

At 6:00 AM, players must find her three times before 7:00 AM. After the game is completed, Emily and the other dolls will run away because they set a fire to destroy the evidence. The players must find a way out before the fire completely destroy the building.

As the credits roll, we can see Emily facing a tall entity, saying that it won't let her out anymore and now they are one.


Emily appears as a ghostly little girl with pale skin, white hair, no eyebrows, ripped up clothing, light gray eyes and visibly broken teeth. Her skin appears to have been burnt with corrosive substances. She crawls around like an animal, on all fours.


  • Emily's attack represents the childhood game Hide and Seek.
  • For some reason, while chasing the player, Emily runs on all fours. It's unknown why or if she used to do this while she was still alive.
  • Going into Emily's room can sometimes result in seeing her quickly scamper into the hole that leads to the basement.
  • Since the news report claims Emily went to a middle school when she hurt someone.It is likely that she was around 12 - 15 years old when she died.
  • In one of Emily's mother's tapes it states that Emily got Kiki, Chester, and Mr. Tatters when they moved in, it says that they were in a box in the basement. It is implied that after her parents death and her dolls were moved to the evidence building, Emily got the other dolls that appear in Emily Wants To Play Too.