Chester is an antagonist in Emily Wants To Play .


Chester is a ventriloquist dummy that wears a black business suit. He has short brown hair, along with gray trousers and black shoes.


Chester becomes active at 2 AM, and along with Mr. Tatters will try to catch the player. The game he likes to play is Tag.

When the player sees him, or hears his high-pitched laughter, they must run away from the room at that instant to escape before Chester outruns them.

An easy way to avoid him is always staying as close to any door as possible, that way if he spawns in a room, the player can just walk away from there. Chester may also appear in the same room the player runs into, which could result in the player's death.

Chester will remain active until 4 AM, leaving with the other dolls while Emily comes out to play. Unfortunately, they all play when the clock strikes 5 AM.

Chester and Mr. Tatters may appear at the same time. This is a common way a lot of players die. A quick tip to avoid this is to run from Chester before Mr. Tatters turns around.

If Chester appears while the player is looking at Kiki, players will have to run while continuing to look backwards. If Chester appears in the basement the player must use the stairs up to outrun him.


  • Chester's attack represents the childhood game Tag.
  • While Chester is spawned in, there is a glitch wherein you can no-clip through a door before it is completely open.
  • Chester may be inspired by Slappy the Dummy from Goosebumps.
  • When Chester kills the player, he will slightly smile after the jump-scare.

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