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Chester is an antagonist in Emily Wants To Play & Emily Wants To Play Too.


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An article about Chester

Before the game, Chester belonged to a ventriloquist named Chester O'Leary from which he was named from. One day O'Leary died of unknown causes. At some point, Chester was grouped with Kiki and Mr. Tatters. The three dolls ended up being owned by a girl named Emily, the girl loved them instantly calling them "Her friends". After their arrival, Emily's behavior started to change, and her parents began to fear her.

Emily Wants To Play

Chester becomes active at 2 AM, and along with Mr. Tatters will try to catch the player. The game he likes to play is Tag.

To escape Chester, players must run into another room that he is not in. The signal of Chester's presence is his high pitched laughter. The entire basement counts as one room. 

An easy way to avoid him is always staying as close to any door as possible, that way if he spawns in a room, the player can just walk right in. Chester may also appear in the same room the player runs into, which could result in the player's death.

Chester and Mr. Tatters may appear at the same time. This is a common way a lot of players die. A quick tip to avoid this is to run from Chester before Mr. Tatters turns around.

If Chester appears while the player is looking at Kiki, players will have to run to the next room while continuing to look backward. If Chester appears in the basement the player must use the stairs to outrun him.

Chester will remain active until 4 AM, leaving with the other dolls while Emily comes out to play. Unfortunately, they all play when the clock strikes 5 AM.

Emily Wants To Play Too

Aside from his appearance in the dream sequence, Chester is the first doll seen alive by the sandwich delivery man. Manifesting an occult ritual, the door closes itself on Chester when the player tries to reach him. He becomes active at 11 PM, should the player takes too long maneuvering in the vents. At 1 AM, Chester is fully active and begins chasing the player. The whiteboard will say "Chester Marathon! (wait right here)" with a winking face. This time he will not go away when the player went through a room, the player has to continue running and don't race him, Chester is faster than the player's running speed, player needs to slow him down by making a left or right turn and also by closing doors until the time is over. In the "have fun with old friends game", Chester will not chase the player forever, there's some chance he will run into another direction when the player is running into another direction, but beware not run into his path, or block in front of him.


Chester is a ventriloquist dummy that wears a black business suit. He has short brown hair, along with gray trousers and black shoes.


  • Chester's attack represents the childhood game Tag.
  • While Chester is spawned in, there is a glitch wherein you can no-clip through a door before it is completely open.
  • Chester may be inspired by Slappy the Dummy from Goosebumps and a possible inspiration of Chucky from the Child's Play franchise.
  • When Chester kills the player, he will slightly smile after the jump-scare.
  • There's a bug that Chester will teleport into a room with doors that's facing in front of player when he's chasing the player.
  • In Emily Wants To Play Too, Chester is seen performing a ritual involving a dead security guard. It is unknown why, or how he was capable of doing this.