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6 AM is the final hour of Emily Wants To Play.


For this hour, there would be a message that tells the player 'Get out...NOW!', which means the player has a few seconds to get out. If the player stays too long, all the dolls appear and attack the player.

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WARNING: This article may contain spoilers!

6 AM is the first and thirteenth hour of Emily Wants To Play Too.


  • Apartment - This is the first hour of the game, players must find their bed and sleep until its time for work. While they sleep, they have a 'dream' where they must choose the picture of the dead on the wall to match the time on the clock(s) next to the front door. They will then find the keycard to unlock the front door.
  • Central Evidence - In this hour, all antagonists are active. One must play all games while they find Emily 3 times. A note to keep in mind, Emily's third hiding spot is always the conference room in area 3. (Basically, you only have to find her twice, because the third location is always the same.) Once Emily is found for the third time, the hour will be complete.



  • Find the protagonist's bed.
  • Choose the correct die number.
  • Unlock the door.
  • Meet the time limit.
  • Take A shower
  • Find Car Keys
  • Do The Dishes
  • Go to work.

Next Hour (7 PM)

Central Evidence:

  • Players must meet the time limit.
  • Emily must be found three times.
  • Mr. Tatters must be tagged before his cycle ends.
  • Players must stare at Kiki until she disappears.
  • Players must run from Chester if he spawns.
  • Players must shine their flashlight at Max if they encounter him in the dark.
  • Players must disable Weasl’s music box before the song ends.
  • Players cannot run or make any physical noise around Greta.
  • Players cannot turn on any lights.

Next Hour (7 AM)
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Alternate ending

If the players turn off the power in the apartment, the protagonist will start to get scared. If he stays like this for one minute, noises will be heard in the dark suggesting that the dolls are gathering around him. Finally, the local journal will reports that the protagonist died because he tripped in his apartment and suffered a fatal injury.


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