WARNING: This article may contain spoilers!

2 AM is the fourth hour of Emily Wants to Play.


In this hour, Chester becomes active, and Kiki takes a break. Chester is arguably one of the trickiest antagonists to handle since he runs at the player, and the player must run to another room to avoid being killed.

Chester is also known to shut doors on his way to attack the player, making it more difficult to run away.

Chester and Mr. Tatters are both active during this hour, and they can spawn at the same time. Since Mr. Tatters forces the player to stand still until he leaves, it is next to impossible to survive with both spawned simultaneously.

A strategy to try if this happens is to run toward the nearest door before Mr. Tatters makes the sound "Uh, uh, uh!"

Chester will emit a laugh warning the player to make toward the nearest exit before screaming and taking off after him/her.

During this hour, the best strategy is to stay in the living room near the den, as there is no door between them and you can evade Chester easily.

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