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Third Game Coming Soon!

It is great to know that Shawn is bringing us fans yet another game in the series! He also said he is working on a new "terrifying multiplayer co-op"!

At the moment, however, he is still very, very early in the development process. Until we get more information on the title, platforms, background, story, characters, and teasers, we are going to leave the creation of a new page for the game for another day. For now, let's just discuss it through blog posts or in the forums.

Thanks for everyone's cooperation,


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weasl is its own demonic entity

i'm pretty sure everyone figured this out but I wanted to share the evidence I collected 1: unlike greta or Maxwell he wasn't brought to life using a ritual we saw kiki using a ritual to bring Maxwell alive and I believe chester was brining greta to life when we first see him but weasl just shows up 2: weasl is reported to steal children and others that's basically it
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There will be a sequel confirmed.

"The developer, Shawn Hitchcock, announced a VR Mode and Sequel"
You can find this information on this website here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emily_Wants_to_Play
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Here's a cosplay blog!

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this game is goo

this game is the best because it has emily and emily is creepy as fuck
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Playthrough on my channel

I just got this game, and tried it. It's so good... and I'm determined to beat it.
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Maybe Emily was possessed and that's why she was acting strange or maybe Emily didn't make new friends and went crazy so she made the dolls her friends
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Emily wants to play 2

Shawn confirmed he has sequel stories but do you think he will make them happen
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